Dear Member, Supporters and Friends,

I am delighted to welcome you to our Club website. We hope you find it informative and interesting.

As you may know, we have recently revamped the site and we will be adding to its facilities and info pages on an ongoing basis. Like any service we want you to be informed and to be able to use this as a reference point for key club, Munster and Irish rugby updates. We welcome your input and ideas and please let us have them through our contact email:

We have come such a long way in a few short years and it has taken a massive effort. I want to thank everyone who has given their time, expertise and hard earned money to the club in the past.

Sport is a passion and rugby certainly takes you over once you have tasted it and you never lose the love of the game once you experience it.

The discipline, the teamwork, the skills, the enjoyment are capped off by making lifelong friendships with clubmates and other teams alike.


It is an extraordinary thing to be in the heat of battle one moment and then to not only shake hands with your opposite number but to form a line of salute and clap the entire opposition off the field. It’s glorious when you win but a true test of sportsmanship when you lose.

We want to create a world-class facility here at Aghadoe. And so the building continues. Killarney is an amazing town and it will have an amazing rugby club too.

We want to attract rugby tourism to our beautiful region and put our little club on the international stage.

We have superb new facilities. You don’t have to spend long until you realise how much work there is still to be done.

Yet I want you to enjoy what we have built together. I want to encourage you and your family members to get involved.

It’s primarily about playing and coaching the game and bringing young people into a great sport. But it is also about community.

We cannot create and maintain our community without those who give their time to committees and fundraising duties.

If you cannot take part, try  to contribute. We welcome all forms of help from anyone from making soup for teams in the freezing cold to getting a sponsor to share their hard earned money with our club. So if you want to get involved, feel you can help and make a small difference, talk to any member. Give me a call.

Meanwhile, enjoy Killarney rugby club; enjoy the sport. Thanks for dropping by and I hope you’ll stay a while!

Mike Fuller
Club President


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