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Many thanks to everyone who attended and who agreed to take on a role for the coming season. Below you’ve find the list of Committee Members for 2018/2019.Should you have suggestions or queries at any point during the season please chat to any committee member or leave a message in our Suggestion Box.

  • President – Luke O’Sullivan
  • Chairperson – Ger Moynihan
  • Secretary – Gerard Sugrue
  • Treasurer – Mike Walker
  • Youth Officer – John O’Connell
  • Senior Club Captain – To be confirmed
  • PRO – Liam Murphy
  • Other members with responsibility:
    • Heather McIvor (Child Welfare Officer)
    • Denise Treacy (Girls and Women’s rugby)
    • Anthony Walsh (Signage/Invoicing)
    • Ian Harrington
    • Richard O’Brien
    • Tony Dunne (Data Officer)
    • Tom O’Leary (Volunteer Coordinator)

The club will also be looking to appoint one or more Vice-Chairs at the upcoming Committee Meeting.

Issues raised at the AGM

Clubs within the club

A club member raised the fact that the various age grades within the club operate very separately and that the club is basically “divided”. There are historic reasons for this but the basic truth can’t be denied. One of the goals over the coming season will be to start knocking down the fences. Everyone needs to make an effort on this front if we are going to succeed. Rest assured that there is goodwill on the other side of the fence. We all love rugby and we all love Killarney RFC.

For starters, the club is expanding its PR initiatives so will be able to make even greater effort to publicise all senior and youth games and to encourage people to attend (home games at least). Live-tweeting for those who can’t attend would also help build increased buzz so volunteers are encouraged. Simply tweet @KillarneyRFC to volunteer.

The club would also encourage senior players and former senior players to coach youths and minis teams. Never coached before? Not a problem. The club will enrol you in a Munster Coaching Course and, in any case, you will be surrounded by experienced coaches. Contact Liam Murphy (Minis Coordinator – 087 414 5662), John O’Connell (Youths Officer – 086-852 5116) or Tom O’Leary (Volunteer Coordinator – 086-3260193) to chat through the options.

Senior Coaching Team

It is important to state upfront that the club can’t afford to pay a senior manager or coach so we will need volunteers. The second point is that it is essential to share the workload as broadly as possible. This is currently falling on too few shoulders.

We would therefore ideally have a Senior Manager aided by one or more assistant manager(s). Quite apart from coaching, the management team has a lot to do: drop off and pick up jerseys from the cleaners, communicate with players, organise trips, check pitches, analyse opposition, arrange for matches to be videoed, do video analysis, organise live-tweeting, arrange for first aid, take photos, send match reports to the PRO, recruit players.

We would then ideally have a team of coaches (head coach, backs coach, forwards coach, fitness coach, skills coach….). Not all these coaches would be at each session or indeed at matches so the work-load would be shared.  

A meeting of all seniors will be held in the next while but in the meantime anyone interested in helping the seniors in any capacity over the coming season is invited to contact Ger Moynihan on 087-124 0365.

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