At Killarney RFC, our priority is to recognise, respect and protect the importance of your privacy.

In this policy document, we explain how and why we collect personal details from members, players, and website visitors. It also explains how we use the information, the situations under which the information may be revealed to others and how we ensure its protection.

This Privacy Policy is amended from time to time so please check back periodically to ensure you are still happy with it. This policy governs the collection and processing of personal details by Killarney RFC by any means.

Any queries about our Privacy Policy should be sent to our Data Officer @ [email protected].

How do we collect personal details?

On our website: We use specific actions on our website to collect personal information. We collect details when you get in touch with us by using our forms on our contact us page, suggestions box page and become a volunteer page.

Registration: We also collect personal information for the purposes of registering players. This registration may be done through, by completing a paper registration form or by providing the information to any of our club volunteers.

Other: In the ordinary course of running the club, members or their family members may provide various items of personal information.

What type of information do we collect?

On our website: The personal details we are most likely to collect are your name, email, telephone, IP address and the pages you interacted with on our website and when you did so.

Registration forms: Such information may include:

For underage players: First name and surname, address, date of birth, copy of birth cert, gender, school. We may also ask for the full name of the next of kin, their telephone number and email address. We also collect information on medical conditions.

Adult players: First name and surname, address, date of birth, copy of birth cert, gender, telephone number and email address. We also collect information on medical conditions.

Adults completing any such forms may also be asked about their volunteering preferences and about any past volunteering experience.

How do we use your information?

These are the ways we are most likely to use the information you provide on our website:

  • Get in contact with you about the enquiry you have made on our contact page.
  • Get in contact with you about the enquiry you have made on our suggestion box page.
  • Get in contact with you about the details you have submitted on our become a club volunteer page.

Your personal details may also be used in the ordinary course of managing the club including but not solely to contact you about:

  • Upcoming training sessions, matches, blitzes or other club events;
  • Club fundraising activities (sponsorship, corporate membership, fundraising events);
  • Renewing your membership;
  • Playing for the club.
  • For the purposes of the Club’s lotto.

We may also use all personal details to identify potential volunteers and to contact you about specific volunteering opportunities at the club.

In order to enable players (underage and adult) to play in competitions all players are registered with the IRFU using its Clubhouse system.

Club members and supporters who have opted-in will also receive the club newsletter by email.


How long do we keep your personal information

The General Data Protection Regulation states that personal data must be kept “no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the personal data are processed” [Art.5(1)(e)].

In the case of a sports club where involvement can last a lifetime this is a little complicated. We will therefore continue to keep your information on file until you inform us that you have left the club and don’t intend to return.

Who is able to gain access to your details?

You can rest assured that under no circumstances will we sell or rent your information out to any third parties, and won’t give out access to your details for marketing purposes.

What are your choices?

We need you to opt-in or give prior consent before we can contact you via email, phone for marketing and promotional purposes. We are also unable to get into contact with your via post if you have made it clear you don’t want us to. You can also adjust your choices any time you wish by emailing us @ [email protected].

The ways you can access and edit your details

You have the right to ask Killarney RFC for a copy of the details we hold on you.
You can request us to edit, adjust, or completely remove this information. Please direct these requests to our Data Officer @ [email protected].

How do we protect your information?

Once you have given us personal details, we go to great lengths to ensure it is protected. While we do everything we can to guarantee the safety of your personal information, you also have to remember that details such as your email address are being sent over the Internet, and as such we cannot 100% guarantee the security of these; you send information to us over the Internet at your own risk.

Once we get hold of your information, however, we do everything we can to secure it on our systems through the use of secure servers and security certificates (SSL).

Use of ‘cookies’

As with most websites, Killarney RFC’s website makes use of cookies. These are minuscule parts of information that are stored on your computer’s hard drive by companies that enables them to identify you when you visit the site.

These cookies don’t collect any individual identification data, but rather just statistical insights about the sites you visit and what your online behaviour and patterns are. This actually assists us to improve our user experience and personalise your online interactions. You are able to turn off cookies using your browser settings.

For full details on our use of cookies visit our Cookies Policy page.

External links to other websites

Our website is likely to contain links to external websites that belong to other companies. This document only serves as a privacy policy for this website, and as such it’s imperative that you read the privacy documents supplied by the other websites that you visit – even if it’s through a link on our website.

Additionally, if you have accessed our website via an external link on another site, then we cannot guarantee that they have the same privacy policy as us; make sure you read their privacy documents to ensure that their practices are in line with your expectations.

16 and Under

The personal information of minors under the age of 16 is particularly vulnerable, and we try our utmost to ensure that it is well protected. If you are 16 years or younger, please gain permission from a parent or guardian to distribute your personal information to us.

Transferring your details outside of the EU

By offering your personal information to us, you are acknowledging that they could be transferred to locations outside of Ireland. This could happen if a server is located in a country outside of Ireland. We cannot guarantee that these locations have the same protection laws as we do when it comes to personal data.

By giving us your information, you are agreeing to these terms. However, if we are aware of your data being transferred out of the country, we will make sure the right protection processes are in place to ensure your personal information remains as secure as possible, in line with what we have stated above. If you engage with our website while outside the country, then our data may be transferred internationally in order to provide you with the correct services.


Use of Whatsapp Groups

There’s been some media commentary lately concerning the suitability of using messaging services like WhatsApp for sports club communications given data protection concerns.

By agreeing to remain a member of this and other KRFC WhatsApp groups, we are taking this as your informed consent that you are aware of and agree to your name and number being publicly visible to other members of these groups.

If you do not consent to this – and we completely understand – you have the option of exiting the group by selecting the three dots on the top-right, then selecting _More_ and then _Exit Group_.


Club updates are also provided on Clubzap, Facebook and Instagram.


COVID 19 Compliance

In order to comply with COVID 19 regulations and guidelines the Club is required to ask players to complete a Return to Rugby Declaration. This asks a series of questions regarding your medical condition and recent activities. This declaration will be retained by the Club for the season and may need to be shared with other volunteers within the Club to ensure compliance with the above regulations and guidelines. It will be destroyed at the end of the 20/21 season.

The Club will also record all attendance at training and matches for contact tracing purposes and may need to share this information either within the club or with the HSE or other Government agencies upon request. This information will also be destroyed at the end of the 20/21 season.




Policy reviews

We consistently update and review our Privacy Policy, and this was last reviewed and updated in June 2020.


Version History

1.0 May 2018

1.1 February 2020: Use of Whatsapp Groups section added

1.2 June 2020: COVID-19 Compliance added.


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