What’s the purpose of this page?

In this page we are going to try to explain the scope of Killarney RFC’s player insurance cover and provide access to useful information and downloadable forms relating to insurance cover.

Who’s covered?

As a club, Killarney RFC pay an annual premium to the IRFU for each adult team.  Minis and Youths (under 21) are automatically covered and girls are covered in that definition.

The full policy details are available. Click here to download.

What’s covered?

Brief details of the cover are here:

  • Benefits are only payable following an accident –
     (a)  Death – €500,000
     (b)  Loss of 2 Limbs and/or the loss of both eyes or 1 limb and 1 eye – €500,000
     (c)  Loss of 1 limb or the loss of 1 eye – €250,000
     (d)  Permanent Total Disablement – €650,000
     (e)  Severe injury involving loss of use of two legs and two arms – Additional €850,000
  • The maximum payable would be €1.5m [(d) and (e)]. There are restrictions that you need to be aware of. These are detailed in the policy document. 

What do the IRFU advise?

The IRFU emphasize the following:

Adequacy of Cover

  • The benefit provided by this compulsory scheme is substantially greater than that provided by other Unions or by other sports bodies. Whilst the Union and the Clubs can arrange substantial insurance benefit within their financial means, it still ultimately remains the individual player’s responsibility to ensure that he/she has adequate insurance cover.
  • It is emphasised that this compulsory scheme does not provide payment of medical expenses or loss of earnings, nor does it cover fatal collapse unless a physical accident precedes same.
  • This compulsory scheme is intended to cover serious injury only and, whilst the “Severe injury” benefit at €1,500,000, may appear substantial, it will not necessarily be sufficient to cover the future needs of a seriously injured young player.

Additional Cover Options
On behalf of the Irish Rugby Football Union, Aon design and manage a range of insurances for all individuals whilst active in rugby in Ireland. The Irish Rugby Football Union arranges Group Personal Accident cover for all players and certain officials who are members of affiliated Clubs.

For full details visit the IRFU website page on Insurance.

What do KRFC recommend?

Essentially, all our players are advised to have your own personal insurance (minis and youths still at school are usually covered by their school’s insurance policies – schools ought to have one in place*).   

The IRFU policy is essentially covering major and severe events. As noted it will not cover medical expenses or loss of earnings due to a broken limb or injury incurred during a game.

If you don’t have cover with VHI or Laya (or similar), the IRFU has put in place a scheme that individuals can join. An Application form can be downloaded here.

For details of private health insurers in the Irish market, click here.  In addition, many insurers offer personal accident insurance. 

* For parents of minis and youths,  your children’s school will already have in place a policy similar to the ones here.  Check with the school whether they have the 24-hour option which covers out-of-school activities as well.


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