Killarney RFC Mission Statement

Killarney Rugby Club’s Mission is to become a universally recognised Centre of Excellence in the provision and appreciation of rugby in our community.

We will:

  • develop rugby in the greater Killarney area as an active, healthy and safe pastime for males and females across all age groups.
  • foster a spirit of fair play and sportsmanship and eliminate foul play and anti-social behaviour at every opportunity.
  • develop our players physically and mentally both as individuals and as a team.
  • develop an ethos of fun and achievement through participation. Match and competition success will be a consequence rather than an objective.
  • expect that everyone associated with the club will respect others and the property of others at all times. In particular, respect for appointed officials and visiting teams is paramount.

In an effort towards achieving Our Mission, we have set ourselves the following short term objectives:

  •  Development of dressing rooms, playing pitch and floodlit training facilities suitable for achieving our mission, within close proximity of Killarney.
  •  Continued development of our youth, girls and mini rugby sections of the club.
  •  Continued development of our senior section of the club.
  •  Formation of Ladies rugby team in association with the Munster Branch IRFU.
  •  Regular club social activities to involve all players, mentors, members and their families, where appropriate.
  •  Regular club fund raising events.

Child Welfare Code:

The health, safety and mental and physical well-being of all children for whom the club is responsible is of paramount importance to Killarney Rugby Club.

The club is fully committed to complying with and promoting the provisions of the Child Welfare Policy of the Irish Rugby Football Union ( see The IRFU Child Welfare Doctument below) and the directions of any relevant statutory bodies.

Killarney Rugby Club has appointed a Child Welfare Officer to ensure that the club, its officers, members and supporters are familiar with and compliant with the provisions of such policies and directives. In particular, it is the responsibility of the CWO to ensure that any incidents that may arise are dealt with in accordance with policy and best practice.

The club’s Child Welfare officer is Orla McCarthy and can be contacted at 087-2312090.

Just a quick update on the club’s Safeguarding Policy.

To comply with Children First Act and Sport Ireland Safeguarding Standards all age grade volunteers & coaches will be receiving safeguarding training this season along with all required vetting procedures.

For information on training available please see:


We would also encourage all Killarney Rugby Club members to become familiar with the IRFU Safeguarding Policy.

The key messages of the document are:
• Create a safe and fun environment for Age-Grade Players
• Set quality safeguarding standards in clubs
• Adhere to current best practice and legislation
• Keeps IRFU, its Branches and clubs in line with ISC/SNI standards


Health & Safety Statement

The General Management Committee of Killarney Rugby Club is committed to providing safe and healthy environment in which its members and visitors can participate in club activities.

In particular it is committed to:

  • The provision of playing facilities appropriate for the playing rugby and related activities.
  • The provision of playing equipment and training aids appropriate for the purposes for which they are being used.
  • The provision of training, instruction and supervision by suitably qualified personnel to all playing members of any age.
  • The mental and physical welfare of all members, in particular those under the age of majority.

In order to ensure that all matters pertaining to health and safety are suitably addressed the club has appointed a Health and Safety Officer to monitor all club activities, policies, property and equipment, so as to ensure the ongoing welfare and safety of our members and visitors alike.

The Health & Safety Officer will:

  • Ensure that those with roles in training, management or administration of our teams have a level of training and competency appropriate to their responsibilities.
  • Ensure Property Safety Standards incorporating good housekeeping. maintenance and safety programmes.
  • Ensure that statutory examinations and inspections of equipment are carried out and recorded as due.
  • Ensure that the club complies with all Health & Safety legislation.
  • Ensure that all management and mentor teams are fully conversant with emergency procedures and that appropriate and operable emergency equipment is maintained and available at all times.
  • Ensure that appropriate training courses are made available to volunteers on an ongoing basis so as to ensure that the club can consistently achieve high standards in the matter of health and safety. In particular all members of management teams will be encouraged to undertake First Aid Training.
  • Ensure that any contractors or third parties engaged by the club are suitably qualified for the service they are providing and have appropriate indemnity insurances etc.
  • Carry out regular safety audits to ensure that high safety standards are maintained on an ongoing basis.

Important Documentation

Important club documentation can be found at the below link. Documents available for download are:


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