Club Constitution and Bylaws

The Management Committee is committed to improving all aspects of club governance. As part of this, the an updated version of the club’s constitution was approved by members at the 2019 AGM. A copy can be downloaded here. Should you have any queries please contact the club.

Constitutions are, naturally, solely intended to paint broad strokes, with the Management Committee being tasked with working out the details. To ensure maximum transparency and consistency over time the Management Committee has therefore decided to draw up and publish bylaws covering some of the day-to-day running of the club. This is a living document and will be updated by the club as required. All changes will be recorded on this page. A copy of the latest version can be downloaded here.


Summary of the bylaws as approved on 24 July 2019:

Articles 1-3 Meetings / Decision-making outside of meetings / Subcommittees: This is merely housekeeping to ensure everyone is on the same page and rules are transparent.

4 Club Policies
4.1 Pitch Usage: The basic rule is the first team to book a pitch for a specific match / session / event gets the pitch but Eamonn Maguire, as pitch coordinator, will be free to make sensible adjustments. In any case, he needs to be informed of all planned pitch usage. 

4.2 Jersey / Gear Sponsorship: Any sponsorship for any gear acquired for club purposes needs to be approved by the Management Committee.

4.3 Unauthorised fundraising: All fundraising activities must be approved by the Management Committee.

4.4 Bus Usage: This costs the club over €8k this year. To keep a lid on this cost there would be a requirement that the Committee be informed one week in advance to ensure full transparency and the time to consider alternatives.

4.5 Personal spending by members: All spending under €250 needs to be approved by the Treasurer in advance. Any planned spending over that amount needs to be referred to the Management  Committee for consideration. This is to protect members so that they will be repaid and to protect the club from unexpected claims.

4.6 Collecting funds from club members: A requirement for counter-signing by a second member of the funds collected. This is to protect members.

4.7 No Pay, No Play: Reiteration of the policy that is now enshrined in the Constitution. Only the Committee has the power to make exceptions.

4.8 Use of Club intellectual property: Any use of club IP needs to be approved by the Committee.

Articles 5-8 General Meetings / Powers of Office Holders / Publication / Amendments: More housekeeping.