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As you will see in the club’s accounts at the AGM we raised a substantial amount of money over the past year but not enough to fully pay off the ProGolf. So, in short, pretty good but not really good enough. The bottom line is that if we want to complete the development plan and pay back our close to €300K in debt we will need to up our game substantially. And yet, this must be done without over-burdening the current volunteer base. We are, first and foremost, a rugby club so while we must pay our way nothing can get in the way of our mission of growing rugby within the region. The current Committee is working flat out to deliver on this mission and on raising funds to cover basic running costs.

The solution is to set up ad hoc teams outside the Committee to deliver specific events. There is a constant stream of proposals to do all sorts of events (from night at the dogs to Who Wants to be a Thousandaire?) so if anybody is looking to build a team and deliver such an event please let us know. A number of such big-ticket events would go a long way to building a development kitty.

Increased cost base

The number of teams being fielded and activities undertaken by the club is fast increasing. This is to be welcomed but inevitably increases the club’s cost base (insurance, buses…) as do the new sand-based pitches. To be properly maintained they will require an investment of circa €6K (sand, fertiliser….) per annum over time.

Developments suggested by members (not in order of priority)

· Upgrade the training pitch (estimated cost €30K). This doesn’t need to be done to the same levels as the other pitches. The idea is to save the main pitches and have something that is available throughout the autumn and winter;

· Build a clubhouse (estimated base cost €250K). This would be on the basis of the existing plans but with some modifications to include social space downstairs;

· All-weather training area at back of site (estimated cost €100K+);

· Lights for main pitch (and/or all-weather pitch) (estimated cost €20K). The main pitch would be to allow Friday night games as is increasingly the trend;

· Shed for gear (estimated cost €30K);

· Upgrade running track for wheelchair access;

· Upgrade outdoor gym and build playground for use by club and local community. We want to truly become a community club.

Five year Development Plan

There has been increasing clamour from across the club to put in place a put in place a 5-year development plan (FY19-FY24) that would simply show how much cash we would expect to generate each year for development (i.e. existing revenue streams minus running costs). We would then set targets for the various agreed developments and decide how much needs to be raised per quarter and what sources it is going to come from. These quarterly targets would be monitored each month by the Committee. If big ticket events are organised we might potentially be able to bring forward certain developments.

Current Fundraising Streams

Membership: This is a critical revenue stream and since the implementation of the No Pay, No Play policy uptake has been great. The policy will be strictly applied in the 19/20 season. Members are being surveyed about raising membership slightly. This is managed by a number of Committee Members.

Main sponsors: We would like to thank our main sponsors for supporting the club over the past number of years. Their support has been greatly appreciated.

Sign Sponsorship: This is primarily led by Anthony Walsh and the club is extremely appreciative of his efforts. Other Committee Members also help out. If anyone is interested signs are €250 per annum with a three-year deal typically suggested. With the new pitches in place we would expect great exposure for all sponsors from now on.

Golf classic: This is a key club fundraiser and anyone willing to chase up teams and tee sponsorship would be most welcome. It is to take place on Friday, 7th June. This is managed by a number of Committee Members with the help of a number of other members.

Collections: Rose McKenzie Vass coordinates this and does a wonderful job. We’ll have more collections than ever this year. Potential to expand into Rathmore and surrounding areas next year.

Your Club, Your Country: Has been poor in recent years (<€3K last year). Serious potential here (max €10K). This hasn’t really been coordinated by anyone and clashed with Sponsor a Sod last year. We need volunteers to sell the tickets.

Split the Bucket: needs more bodies to kick on to sell in the bars and also at matches / minis training. Online option. This is managed by a number of Committee Members.

Sponsor a Sod: There are still a lot of unsold tickets. If anyone has time to follow up plus potentially sell tickets that would be great. It should be an easier sell now that the pitches are in full bloom.

The Committee has decided to focus its efforts on these existing fundraising streams.

Suggestions from Members

Naming rights: There is a club in Northern Ireland that runs an annual draw (tickets cost £50 or so) for businesses. The winner gets the naming rights for a year.

Night at the dogs (with a raffle and auction with prizes from local business): Already did in the past and was a success. Great idea but needs a team outside the Committee to run it.

Night at the Oscars: Same as above

Fashion show: Same as above.

Club Calendar: No reason not to do it if someone can organise the photoshoot / design / sales…..

Fantasy World Cup competition: Everyone buys in and winnings split between club and winner. Would need sellers.

Quiz night!

Join another club to run a fundraiser: Possible another rugby club.

Kerry Rugby: Join with all Kerry Rugby clubs to raise funds to Support Kerry Rugby. Would be able to offer larger prizes.

Online lotto draw: The club considered this based on the experience of a neighbouring rugby club we decided not to pursue it.

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